We decided to come together to write about video games in blog form because there was no other constructive way to gather our thoughts. 8-bit state is about the state of video games from the console to the PC to the mobile device. It’s also a wellspring of feelings on online multiplayer shenanigans, the chiptunes music scene, women in gaming. Occasionally, we’ll write about table-top RPGS and board games. We usually post weekly.

Katoukate is a children’s librarian, epicurean, and an all-around gamer with penchant for fuzzy anomalies. She lives in Philadelphia. Add her as a friend on XBL: umenokatou. Katoukate would like to do more LARPing in her spare time, so you if have an interesting LARP in the Philly area, drop her a line. She’s also looking to join a Philly-area Shadowrun game.

Mossypillow is an archivist and fantasy novel consumer. His favorite games are RPG’s, performers and the like. XBL gamertag: Steeppanic.


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